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December 5, 2012
via Client Satisfaction Survey

Mark Weigle went above and beyond our expectations as a mortgage broker. Mark was available to us at all times, night and day, and provided us excellent guidance as first-time homebuyers. Mark worked against an extremely advantageous (and somewhat unrealistic) settlement time-frame schedule and succeeded. We regard him as the superman of our first-time home buying experience. We cannot thank him enough.

December 5, 2012
via Client Satisfaction Survey

I have used Kuranda in the past for a previous refi, so they are doing the right thing. Being visible on Lancaster Avenue for all these years tells me they have a business model that is working and viable, since they are still in business. Also it is always nice to have the owners name on the business name.

Jonathan was very patient with me as the procedures for refi have gotten more complex and paperwork demanding. But we got through it all. As I said a couple times to Jonathan, where were all these controls in 2008-2009? If they were in place then, it might have averted the financial disaster we had.

December 3, 2012
via Email

Mr Kuranda,

We just wanted to send you an email directly in regards to our experience with Mark. I was referred to your company by a work colleague earlier this year when we first set out to buy our new home. I have to tell you I was skeptical about going with an independent broker rather than using a bank who would offer the "all in one" package. I can honestly say that my concerns were clearly wrong. Our experience with Mark was absolutely flawless, he was polite, punctual and knowledgeable from the start of journey to the signing at settlement. We feel without any shadow of doubt that if it wasn't for Mark we would not have our home.

Just a little background, we decided to buy a home that was a short sale so we put an offer in on the house on 08/03 and did not get the go ahead until the beginning of November. We were told by BOA that we need to close by 12/3 which was totally unrealistic as that gave us about 27 calendar days to secure a loan (including 2 holidays), I was certain this could not be done but Mark said he would do his best to make it happen. Both the buyer and seller agents were not sure this could be done and thought we were better off getting a revised closing timeframe. Mark worked tirelessly with us, the agents, the lender rep and BOA to make this happen.

When we got to the settlement table both agents congratulated Mark on an amazing job and I truly believe you will get business put your way from the agent referrals. I have already got my boss at work to contact Mark about his home buying interest.

Anyway sorry to ramble on but I have worked in many positions at companies and believe it is very important that people get recognized for not only a job fantastically well done but clearly going above and beyond to make the "impossible" happen.

Thanks to all of you at Kuranda and I am enjoying the commercials whilst watching Monday night football.

Matthew and Dara

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November 16, 2012
via Email

Thanks again for the help.

Tom - No need to worry about Toni and Meg....detail oriented , customer focused, integrity .....are the competencies we use in my business that describes them!

Oh yeah, and lots of fun!!

It's Friday, take the women to Happy Hour!! Toni likes a gin and tonic and not sure what Meg likes but I am sure she can find something!

Thanks for the wine. We will enjoy it when we get back from Costa Rica!!


November 15, 2012
via Client Satisfaction Survey

Mark was very professional and responsive. If I left Mark a message, Mark responded very quickly and has the information that I requested. As for Kuranda, I read an article in The Suburban Times on Kuranda Mortgage. That, and the fact you are local played a role in using you.


October 24, 2012
via Email


Thanks for the follow up. The wire was received yesterday and amount was $83.00 higher than expected...which I am fine with


Thanks again for assisting us with this refinance and I will definitely recommend Kuranda to my friends and colleagues that may be looking to refinance.

Kevin Stewart

October 22, 2012
via Email

Hi, Megan

Thanks for encouraging me through the refinance! I really appreciate your effort. I stopped in at Citizen's to thank "Mazin" Mahgoub for emailing us the missing account withdrawal information at closing. Please also thank Toni and Tom again from me.

Wishing you many smooth closings.

October 15, 2012
via Email


I wanted to drop a note to thank you, Tom, Toni, and Colleen for making our recent mortgage refinancing a pleasant experience. Susie and I were very pleased with the way you and the Kuranda team processed our request and brought it to a quick and efficient conclusion. I will certainly be recommending Kuranda to anyone who wishes to apply for financing for their home. Thanks again for making this experience easy.

Ed Murphy

September 26, 2012
via Email


Tom answered all the questions I had outstanding, thanks again for all of your support throughout the refinancing process.


September 25, 2012
via Email

Dear All:

We would like to thank everyone for the attention and effort put forth through our refinance process. It is very much appreciated. Enjoy and have a successful day, Larry / Janet Baldoni.

September 13, 2012
via Client Satisfaction Survey

Mark did a great job of explaining the long process and new mortgage documents that have been developed in the last few years. I felt like there was an excessive amount of documentation needed based on my income and amount being borrowed. But, Mark did a great job of walking me through each document. The scheduling of the closing and getting the amount needed to close took a bit of time and we had to rush to make it work. Not sure if that is normal but I only had about 4 days to get the closing money and we did not have the closing scheduled (officially) until 48 hours prior to closing.

July 18, 2012
via Email

Not necessary at all. It's nice to find local business owners that are focused on doing a good job for their clients. Our experience with everyone at your company has been great.

(Although if u want to lower my mortgage rate to 3.5%, I won't argue. Lol. I know that's not possible, it was just a joke.)


July 16, 2012
via Email


That had to be the smoothest closing ever. Megan and Toni did a great job preparing us and everything was ready to go. We might have been there for 15 minutes total. Outstanding.

I was hoping to meet you in person, but I heard that you were "working" on the beach (working on your tan, maybe). Must be nice.

Thanks again for everything and if rates happen to drop again, I will be in touch. Have a great summer and don't "work" too hard.

George Cipolloni

July 10, 2012
via Client Satisfaction Survey

Overall, I would describe my experience with Kuranda Mortgage & Mark Weigle as: We had a real good experience. Mark was very helpful with navigating us through the entire process and answering all of our questions. Thanks

June 25, 2012
via Client Satisfaction Survey

Overall, I would describe my experience with Kuranda Mortgage & Mark Weigle as: Very positive, my refinance situation depended on qualification of whether or not the appraisal would support the LTV, Mark did a very good job of choosing our lender and determining that our appraisal had a good chance of supporting the loan before we spent all of our time on the document completion process. I do not think that I ever would have got anywhere near this level of service and follow through with my old lender which was Chase home finance.

Something I would recommend for improved client satisfaction in the future would be: Nothing really, I did not have any negative experiences. Keep Up the Great Work!

June 5, 2012
via Email

Thanks for reply, Tom.

p.s. I neglected to also say how satisfied I was with Kuranda on the 1st mtg!


May 30, 2012
via Client Satisfaction Survey

Overall, I would describe my experience with Kuranda Mortgage & Jonathan Paslay as:
As a positive experience.
Completed in a normal time frame, things were explained properly and were made understandable.

May 14, 2012
via Email

Hi tom,

I wanted to thank you for the generous donation you made to the CYO program. Your son is in my daughter Jane's class and soon they will be fully participating in the various CYO activities we host. Your donation will assist in our ability to make sure all the CYO teams and participants are fully able to enjoy each season. We have two big projects underway at Holy Family CYO. We are trying to assist St. Joe's parish with completion of the athletic fields which we will use for baseball, field hockey, soccer and hopefully lacrosse. We also have to help with repairs to Griffin Hall for the upcoming basketball season.

Too bad you cannot join us for golf, however, as a business owner I understand the delicate balance of time and activities. Hopefully we will catch up via the phone or in person one day soon.

Again, thank you for your donation and I look forward to watching your son rise up in the CYO ranks in the near future.


Jim Mezzanotte
CYO President

May 9, 2012
via Client Satisfaction Survey

Overall, I would describe my experience with Kuranda Mortgage & Jonathan Paslay as:
Very Pleasant and Jon was very helpful in helping me understand the questions I had.

Something I would recommend for improved client satisfaction in the future would be:
Nothing, what you do is run very well.

May 7, 2012
via Email

My mother has a new term these days. She would definitely refer to you as "one of the guys in the white hats." Thank you, Tom.

And by the way, I heard you on the radio (1210 AM). The spot sounded great!!


April 23, 2012
via Client Satisfaction Survey

From the get-go Mark was a true professional - explaining all facets of the process and requirements. He was responsive and knowledgeable in all aspects of the business. It was a pleasure to work with him and we you recommend him to others in a heratbeat.

April 18, 2012
via Email

Hi Tom:

We are glad to have this done and appreciate all of the hard work that went into it.

Thanks again to you amd Megan.

Cole Vastine

March 21, 2012
via Email

Hi Tom,

Attached is our Client Satisfaction Survey from our recent experience with Kuranda. I am sure the positive comments will come as no surprise.

By the way, I forgot to mention on Friday that I have seen the Kuranda banner many times while at the Phoenixville Area YMCA. It is nice to support a local business that gives back to the community.

Many thanks,
Erin B and David

March 14, 2012
via Email

Considering how the industry has changed and what I deal with on a daily basis, that was the best possible experience we could have had. Megan was truly wonderful and a pleasure to speak with. Kuranda Mortgage is lucky to have her.

I can't thank you enough but will try to show you our appreciation through referrals. That I can guarentee.

Nice call on the the 10 yr...

Hopefully we'll run into each other in P'ville.


March 13, 2012
via Email

Everything went really guys are great!!

March 10, 2012
via Email

Hi Tom and Megan. Thanks again, we're glad we used Kuranda for this process. We felt comfortable throughout the whole process, thanks to you and Megan.

I did have one final question. We just received our local tax bill in the mail. We paid this as part of the settlement last week, but I wanted to check if you or Provident needed a copy of the bill?


March 6, 2012
via Email

Thanks to all. The settlement took less than 30 minutes.

Megan, When is a good time for me to pickup my prior year tax returns?


March 5, 2012
via Email

Hi Tom & Megan,

The closing went well and took under an hour. Overall, we were pleased with the process. It was a pleasure to work with your company and many thanks to you and Megan for keeping us updated and informed every step of the way. We would be happy to recommend you to others. Have a great day!


March 5, 2012
via Email

Tom - Actually I pass your 'storefront' all the time and although the rates on the window are essentially 'teaser' rates, they were always lower than anything I saw with the big banks. So having just refinanced a few years ago, I made it a point that if I ever did it again, I would give your company a shot.

Early on it became apparent that things were a lot more complex than just a few years ago and what stuck for me was how Mark not only answered all my questions, but he explained the complexities in a simple manner -which is not easy to do.

Attached is our client satisfaction survey. It was a pleasure doing business with Mark Weigle.

Ted Ab..

March 1, 2012
via Email


Yes. The closing went smoothly. During this past week, I was getting a little worried with some of the last minute documentation requirements.

So, is the 3.625 the lowest rate within the past several years?

BTW, I have recommended you to several friends who are considering refinancing.

John T

February 27, 2012
via Email

Meg / Tom/ Colleen,

Our refi closing process went off well this afternoon.

Thanks again for all your help.

February 27, 2012
via Email

HI Tom, Kelly, Colleen and Megan,

Closing went great. And, as an added bonus to the appraisal being higher than we anticipated, we are getting a little bit of a bigger check at settlement than we thought.

We have appreciated the ease of working with a local firm that does not require 85 phone calls to reach the person who we need to reach. I have greatly appreciated your willingness to work with us, and provide us with a great result. (i.e. lower rate).

I hope the last details (closing the other mortgage, post-settlement paperwork, etc...) go as smoothly as the beginning of the process has.

Thanks so much,
Mike DeCaro

February 17, 2012
via Email

Hi Tom and Megan,

I just wanted to Thank you both for making our refinancing as easy as possible.

If it wasn't for Merrill Lynch, it would of been a breeze.

I will keep you in mind for future needs and references.

Thanks again and have a great weekend.


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